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4 Resources That’ll Help You Get Started as a Freelance Writer

Decided to get into freelance writing? Congratulations! If you’re anything like me when I first started, you’re probably feeling a little bit overwhelmed and underprepared.

Don’t worry. As long as you’ve got a passion for writing, the skills to back it up and an ability to work hard, you’ll make it.

But as you dip your toe into the freelance pool, why not start with one of these four resources? Watching these slides and videos is the perfect way to jumpstart your freelance career and find success.

How to Start a Successful Freelance Writing Career When You Have No Experience

In any job field, it’s hard to land a gig when you don’t have any experience. But how do you get experience if no one will hire you? In this video, you’ll learn how to land clients and secure jobs even if you’re brand new to freelance writng and don’t have any experience under your belt.

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Finance

Finding jobs that pay is half the battle for freelance writers. But what about jobs that pay you money to write about money? Check out 10 awesome publications below that will pay for your writing on credit cards, accounting, budgets, saving tips and anything else to do with the world of finance.


  • https://www.freshbooks.com/blog/
  • one-time or ongoing contributor to FreshBooks blog, a cloud accounting system favored by entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • 800-1200 words of original content never published elsewhere
  • $200+ per post
  • apply by filling out the form with your personal details, portfolio and pitch

Doctor of Credit

7 Down and Dirty Ways to Make Your Writing Better

I’ll be the first to tell you that my grammar skills are average at best. I can’t write fiction to save my life. I’d probably be laughed out of most MFA programs if I ever decided to pursue higher education as a writer.

But what I can write – and what I write well – is marketing content for the web. By my most recent update (which is still woefully out-of-date), I’ve written more than 10 million words of this type of work. I’ve edited the work of countless others as I’ve transitioned from working as a solo freelancer to leading my content creation agency, Content Conquered.

I’ve worked closely with my clients to determine what works in the content I or my team creates for them – and I’ve distilled those lessons here for you today. Learn them.

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Tech

If you’re an expert on all things WordPress, Photoshop, IT or web design, this is the list for you. If you eat, sleep and breathe technology plus you’re a writer looking for a paid gig, look no further.

Check out 10 places that will pay you to share all of your tech expertise.

The Graphic Design School

  • www.thegraphicdesignschool.com
  • Write an article or tutorial on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or open source design or utility software for designers
  • No word count specified; images must be minimum 700px width
  • $100 – $200 for each accepted article/tutorial
  • Visit this page for submission guidelines


32 Content Writing Tips That Will Make You Immediately Hireable

As a freelance writer, it’s important that you market yourself, apply to jobs and find potential clients. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to your writing skills. If your content writing isn’t up to par, you’re not getting the job.

Check out these tips below to boost your content writing skills and help you land that dream gig.

The 7 Best Content Writing Tips for Beginning Freelancers

If you’re just starting out in your content writing career, this list is for you. Robert Light shares lessons that he had to learn the hard way about how to find your voice and use it to propel your freelance writing.

Link: https://www.theoptimizedweb.com/the-7-best-content-writing-tips-for-beginning-freelancers/

10 Content Writing Tips That Will Help You Find Interesting Topics in Minutes

Neil Patel shares his best tips for a problem that plagues writers everywhere: you’ve run out of ideas.

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Writing

As a freelance writer, you may not be able to write in every niche. Perhaps you don’t have experience in travel writing or you don’t have any technological expertise.

But there’s one niche you already have experience in – writing! Below are 10 places that will pay you to write about writing – something you definitely know about.

Writers Weekly

  • http://writersweekly.com
  • Write “articles on how to make more money doing what you love….writing!”
  • Topics of interest include corporate writing, unique book marketing, and writing for specific genres
  • Feature article (600 words, $60) or Freelance Success Story (400 words, $40)
  • Submit a query through the contact form following these guidelines

The Work Online Blog

  • https://workonlineblog.com
  • Write articles that “deliver quick wins to our audience and ultimately help take the legwork out of working online”
  • Blog post (real experiences and advice) or List post (min 20 items)
  • Min.

7 Podcasts Every Freelance Writer Should Listen To

Everyone and their dog seems to have a podcast these days. But despite the saturated market, there are quite a few quality podcasts. Especially for freelance writers.

When you need a break from emailing clients, researching article topics or working on your first draft, tune into one of these.

A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me is a podcast hosted by two freelance writers, Philippa and Lorrie, who talk all about the highs and lows of freelance life. They discuss working with clients who bug you, how to raise your rates, and coping with rejection. A must listen for all freelance writers who feel alone in the trenches. Philippa and Lorrie are right there with you!

High Income Business Writing Podcast


Hosted by Ed Gandia,

The New Moonlighting: Balancing Your Writing Career with Your Day Job

I’ve been side-hustling as a freelance writer since before side hustles were a thing.

As I described in my post on working from home, I’ve written from pretty much every location possible. Often, those various locations were necessitated by the fact that writing wasn’t my full-time gig. For most of my 10+ years writing, it’s been a side project supporting my full-time income.

As anyone who’s ever managed multiple commitments knows, there’s a huge grey area when it comes to moonlighting. You’ve got downtime at your day job… do you sneak in a few minutes of writing? Do you respond to client emails when you’re on-the-clock?

Answering these questions isn’t easy. There’s no clear-cut, always-right solution to balancing an income job and a side hustle. I’m not going to give you that here,

7 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Business

If flowery language and pretty prose turn you off, business writing might be up your alley.

This is sharp, informative and to-the-point writing about all aspects of business – from HR to SEO. If you have a mind like a CEO and can write about buzz-worthy office topics, check out the seven publications below that will pay you to write about business.

Michelle Pippin

Freelance Mom

  • http://www.freelancemom.com
  • Write an article for moms and parents who are also freelancers and solopreneurs
  • Articles must “offer current practical and actionable advice and tips”
  • Types of posts: personal articles,

8 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Women’s Interests

If you’re a female writer – or if you can write for a female audience – this is the list for you.

For opportunities on traditionally feminine topics like hair and beauty, to modern writing on feminism and pop culture, check out any of the eight publications below.


Bitch Media

  • www.bitchmedia.org/
  • Submit a pitch that speaks to feminist responses to pop culture for their website or print magazine  
  • Print sections include Features,