The Nuts and Bolts of a Web Content Writing Business

Last week, I shared with you what an average day in my life looks like. And while I’m sure you found that just fascinating (as fascinating as the daily doings of somebody who loves naps can be!), what I felt was missing from the article was a description of how I got to this point in my career in the first place.

So today, I want to take you behind the scenes of my web content writing business and show you how web content writing businesses operate. If you’ve never heard of web content writing as a career choice before, read on – this article will clarify how web writers work and how they make money.

12 Ways to Get Paid to Write

There’s a really great scene in Sister Act 2 (don’t judge me – that movie’s freaking awesome) where Whoopi Goldberg’s character is telling a very young Lauryn Hill to follow her dreams, quoting a book by poet Rainer Maria Rilke that says “Don’t ask me if you’re a writer. Because I say, ‘If all you can think of in the morning when you get up is writing, then you’re a writer.'”

So whether you feel called to writing because of some deep-seated, internal need to communicate with the world and share ideas, or because you simply have the skills to write and want to get paid to do it – you’re a writer!

A Day in the Life of a Web Content Writer

I swear, I’m half writing this one for you guys and half writing it for my parents, who never seem to quite believe that this whole “web writing” thing is how I make a living. But anyways, I thought it’d be interesting to give you all a feel for how an average day looks in the life of a professional web content writer.

(And of course, this article comes with the mandatory disclaimer that there’s really no “standard” day or set schedule when you’re a web content writer. The description that follows is how some of my days look, but my schedule’s always up in the air depending on whether I’m working from home or the office and whether I have any other commitments planned for the day.)

The #1 Worst Place to Find Freelance Writing Clients

Imagine, for a second, that there was a website out there that was filled with freelance writing clients – all of whom are ready and waiting to hire you for their web content needs. A place where you could browse listing after listing of potential projects, submitting applications to only those that interest you and fulfill you on a deeply personal level…

In fact, websites like this do exist. They’re called freelance portal websites, with the most popular options being, and

But here’s the thing… Despite seeming like a freelance writer’s dream destination, they’re actually the worst possible place to find clients (at least, in my own personal experience).

How to Write Web Content Faster

Last week, I was talking to a new friend about my online businesses when she asked, “How do you manage to get everything done?!” It’s a fair question – besides having a full-time writing gig and a few different online businesses, I also take several dance classes a week, volunteer and do my best to find time to spend out with my husband and our friends.

But her question caught me off guard – in part because being this busy has become second nature to me – and got me thinking. What one skill that I’ve developed has contributed the most to my business success so far?