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How to Work from Home Without Losing Your Mind

In my 10+ years as a freelance web content writer, I’ve worked in just about every location imaginable.

I’ve worked from home in six different houses – one of which involved converting an unheated walk-in closet into my workspace (most, thankfully, have had enough space for a separate desk setup with heat!).

I’ve worked on-the-go from coffee shops, from the dining cars of trains, from friends’ houses, and from hotel rooms in multiple states while traveling on business and pleasure.

I’ve rented private spaces, worked out of five separate co-working offices, and tested combo spaces that involve private offices within co-working facilities.

All of that is to say that I’ve had a long time to develop my personal preferences on where and how I work. I now know, for example, that I’m not good at working from home –

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Food & Drink

How wonderful would it be to spend your day feasting on delicious plates of food and sipping sweet beverages? Well, if you can’t spend all day eating and drinking, you can do the next best thing. You can write about it! Below are 10 places that will pay you to write about all things yum.

Cultures & Cuisines

  • http://culturesandcuisines.com
  • Looking for “informed, intelligent, well-written narratives about the places, both literal and imaginary, where food and travel meet”
  • Open to varying word counts, topics, formats, etc. but potential topics include The Family Meal, Forgotten Empires and Work for Women’s Hands
  • $200 per article
  • Send pitches or completed articles to pitches@culturesandcuisines.com following these guidelines

IWA Wine Accessories Blog

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write Fiction or Poetry

A common complaint from freelancers is that they don’t get to do any creative fiction writing if they want to get paid. Turns out, that’s not true. There are actually a number of publications who will pay for your short stories, literary works and poetry.

Check out the following 10 places that’ll support you letting your imagination run wild:

Poetry Magazine

Grain Magazine

4 Infographics That’ll Teach You to Be a Better Writer

When it comes to being a better writer, there’s so much information out there – so much, in fact, that it can be hard to digest. And even if you’re able to get through it all, not all of the writing advice available is that good.

So if you’re looking for tips on how to become a better writer that are quick, actionable and easy to read, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a look at freelance careers, content rules you must be following and writing mistakes to avoid – all presented in some of our favorite infographics.

Our Freelance Future

Welcome to the world of freelance writing! Isn’t it great to know that you’re in good company? Check out the infographic below to learn all about freelance writing,

3 Tips for Getting Better Responses to Your Job Board Applications

Watch Now

Video Transcript

Let’s talk job boards. Most of the working writers I know get their projects through word-of-mouth referrals, but I get that job boards are a necessary evil for many writers. And heck, I often use them when I’m trying to create a new pool of writers to hire from for my company Content Conquered.

So in today’s “3 Tips” post, I want to share with you the most common mistakes I see writers making. Avoid them, and you’ll see your job board success rates soar!

Tip #1 – Follow the job board posting’s instructions

This should be so obvious, but I regularly decline 50% of my job board posting applicants because they don’t follow instructions.


10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Parenting

If you’re a parent, a parent-to-be or just someone who’s interested in parenting, this is the paid writing list for you.

Below you’ll find 10 publications that pay writers to talk about all things parenting: from fussy eaters to family outings , and from homeschooling to house cleaning – and everything in between!

Stork Guide

Parent Co.

115 Freelancer Tools That Will Cut Your Writing Time In Half

As a freelance writer, you know that being a great writer is only half the battle. You also have to be able to write efficiently.

If it takes you all day to write a 300 word blog post, you likely won’t be a very profitable freelancer. On the other hand, if you’re churning out ten posts an hour, there’s probably something lacking in your writing quality.

So how do the best freelancers create quality work in half the time? They rely on the many tools available to freelancers to give them a leg up.

Check out 115 freelancer tools that are sure to make you more efficient as a writer. Discover which ones you need to start using to help you succeed in your freelance career.

12 Must Know Tools To Kickstart Your Career In Freelance Content Writing And Blogging

If you’re just starting out as a freelancer,

22 Ways To Avoid Freelancer Burnout

The freelancer hustle isn’t easy.

You’re constantly writing, editing, spellchecking and proofreading. And when you’re not doing the actual writing work, you’re busy communicating with clients, finding new jobs, creating invoices, updating your portfolio and taking on the myriad other tasks that make up a freelancer’s work day.

It’s a tough job! And it’s easy to see how freelancers can go from beaming to burned out in no time at all.

So what do you do if you want to be a successful freelancer but you don’t want to find yourself stressed, tired and unmotivated halfway through the workday?

Check out 22 ways to avoid freelancer burnout. No matter what specific freelancing challenges you’re facing, I’m sure you’ll find something here to help you push through the hardships and rediscover the joys of freelance writing.

Freelancers–You Can Move Past Burnout.

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About the Environment

One of the most popular writing niches is the environment. The great outdoors is all around us and makes for a great topic to write about. From wildlife conservation to backcountry skiing, this list of 10 publications is ready and waiting to pay you to write about the environment.

Earth Island Journal

  • http://www.earthisland.org
  • Submit a story along the spectrum of environmental issues, such as wildlife conservation, policies to protect the environment and animal rights
  • Preference for on-the-ground reports outside of North America on people defending/restoring the earth
  • Online reports: $50 – $100
  • Print stories: $0.25/word; feature stories are approximately 4,000 words
  • Send your query to submissions@earthisland.org following these guidelines