While on vacation in September of last year, I had an idea. So many people were asking me how I got started working as a freelance blog writer that I decided, why not start a blog where I could share my experiences?

Despite an enthusiastic start, I hit a number of roadblocks. Early pregnancy fatigue and morning sickness through November and December of 2012 meant that when the blog launched in January 2013, I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I’d hoped to be. Losing the pregnancy in April took me away even longer as my husband and I did our best to heal.

In August of this year, I was unexpectedly offered a new full-time job which has been consuming most of my attention of late. Realizing that the site had been hacked earlier this month (don’t worry – no personal information was at risk) was the final nail in the coffin. All of that is a really long way of telling you all that the timing simply hasn’t been right for Write Your Revolution, and – as a result – I’m putting the project on indefinite hiatus.

The site itself is down right now because I haven’t had the energy to figure out which plugin caused the hacking attempt and how to put everything back to rights. I’ll be taking down the email newsletter soon as well, because as much as I’ve loved hearing directly from all of you, I simply haven’t had the time to follow through in the way that you deserve. The site is no longer accepting guest posts because, quite frankly, there is no site right now.

I may bring the site back in the future; I may not. Between my new job and the few freelance projects I’m still working, I simply don’t anticipate having the time I’d need to turn this site into everything I’d originally envisioned. In the meantime, I can’t recommend Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing and Sophie Lizard’s Be a Freelance Blogger websites enough. Check them out for tons of helpful advice on how to successfully grow your freelance writing career.

Best of luck on achieving your freelance writing dreams and thanks for all your past support of this site!


Sarah Russell