7 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Business

If flowery language and pretty prose turn you off, business writing might be up your alley.

This is sharp, informative and to-the-point writing about all aspects of business – from HR to SEO. If you have a mind like a CEO and can write about buzz-worthy office topics, check out the seven publications below that will pay you to write about business.

Michelle Pippin

Freelance Mom

  • http://www.freelancemom.com
  • Write an article for moms and parents who are also freelancers and solopreneurs
  • Articles must “offer current practical and actionable advice and tips”
  • Types of posts: personal articles,

8 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Women’s Interests

If you’re a female writer – or if you can write for a female audience – this is the list for you.

For opportunities on traditionally feminine topics like hair and beauty, to modern writing on feminism and pop culture, check out any of the eight publications below.


Bitch Media

  • www.bitchmedia.org/
  • Submit a pitch that speaks to feminist responses to pop culture for their website or print magazine  
  • Print sections include Features,

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Food & Drink

How wonderful would it be to spend your day feasting on delicious plates of food and sipping sweet beverages? Well, if you can’t spend all day eating and drinking, you can do the next best thing. You can write about it! Below are 10 places that will pay you to write about all things yum.

Cultures & Cuisines

  • http://culturesandcuisines.com
  • Looking for “informed, intelligent, well-written narratives about the places, both literal and imaginary, where food and travel meet”
  • Open to varying word counts, topics, formats, etc. but potential topics include The Family Meal, Forgotten Empires and Work for Women’s Hands
  • $200 per article
  • Send pitches or completed articles to pitches@culturesandcuisines.com following these guidelines

IWA Wine Accessories Blog

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write Fiction or Poetry

A common complaint from freelancers is that they don’t get to do any creative fiction writing if they want to get paid. Turns out, that’s not true. There are actually a number of publications who will pay for your short stories, literary works and poetry.

Check out the following 10 places that’ll support you letting your imagination run wild:

Poetry Magazine

Grain Magazine

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Parenting

If you’re a parent, a parent-to-be or just someone who’s interested in parenting, this is the paid writing list for you.

Below you’ll find 10 publications that pay writers to talk about all things parenting: from fussy eaters to family outings , and from homeschooling to house cleaning – and everything in between!

Stork Guide

Parent Co.

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About the Environment

One of the most popular writing niches is the environment. The great outdoors is all around us and makes for a great topic to write about. From wildlife conservation to backcountry skiing, this list of 10 publications is ready and waiting to pay you to write about the environment.

Earth Island Journal

  • http://www.earthisland.org
  • Submit a story along the spectrum of environmental issues, such as wildlife conservation, policies to protect the environment and animal rights
  • Preference for on-the-ground reports outside of North America on people defending/restoring the earth
  • Online reports: $50 – $100
  • Print stories: $0.25/word; feature stories are approximately 4,000 words
  • Send your query to submissions@earthisland.org following these guidelines


10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Health

If you love to practice yoga, always have to accompany your relatives to the doctor’s office because you understand medical jargon, or regularly frequent health food stores, this is the dream writing job list for you.

Below you’ll find writing jobs that pay in health niches such as mental health, diabetes, holistic nutrition and everything else in between:

Anxiety Foundation

  • http://www.anxietyfoundation.com
  • Contribute an article that shares your experience, knowledge or tips about mental health.
  • $50 per article
  • 550+ words, family friendly language
  • Submit a proposal for your article through their online form

Yoga Basics

  • http://www.yogabasics.com
  • Writers with experience in yoga practice, teaching and/or philosophy can apply to join the writing team at Yoga Basics
  • Writers will be responsible for 1-2 articles per month
  • 550-700 words and 4-8 paragraphs per article
  • $30/article with future increases
  • Complete the online application to join the team

Vibrant Life

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Travel

Eating a fresh croissant in Paris, bungee jumping in Auckland or sailing through a floating market in Vietnam. If you can’t do those things, you can at least write about them, right? Or better yet, do them and then get paid to write about them.

Below are 10 publications that will pay you to write all about travel. And they don’t even care if you send in your articles from the beach – in fact, they probably prefer it.