About Sarah


My name is Sarah Rickerd, and I’m a professional web content writer.

[Silence…  Crickets chirping…]

What do you mean, you’ve never heard of web content writing???

Really, web content writing isn’t one of those jobs that they told you about on Career Day, but it’s how I – and plenty of other people online – make a good living these days.  Just how good a living?  Here are just a few of the perks:

  • Within six months of leaving my last “big kid’s job,” I more than doubled my previous salary, giving me the chance to pay down some long-standing bills and enjoy travel opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.
  • The freedom of working remote for my webmaster clients means that I’m no longer tied to a 9-to-5 schedule (although, let’s be serious, it was usually more like 8-to-6:30, depending on how my former boss felt on any given occasion).  As a result, I rarely wake up to an alarm clock, and I have the time in my schedule needed to plan healthy meals, exercise and relax with my husband.
  • I’m more fulfilled by my work than ever before.  It’s incredibly rewarding to me to be able to put together written content that helps advance my clients’ objectives, and I love that my job enables me to be creative every single day.  It sure beats spending my days bored to tears over the busy work that my previous bosses assigned me, just to fill an arbitrary number of hours!

Now, I’m not saying that web content writing doesn’t have its down sides.  Working on deadlines isn’t always fun, and some of the topics that I have to cover aren’t all that interesting to me personally.  But by and large, I’ve found that these negatives are more than outweighed by all the positives that this unique career has brought into my life – you can bet that I won’t be leaving the field any time soon!

I decided to build the “Write Your Revolution” website for two reasons:

  • One, so that my parents will finally believe that what I do for a living is a real thing, and
  • Two, so that I can help you to make the same leap into personal and financial freedom with a career in web content writing.

Ready to get started?  Let’s rock!

On this site, I’ll be covering everything from how to find clients (and how to find the clients that’ll pay you the big bucks) to how to become a more efficient and effective writer.  I aim to post at least once a week (or more, if I’m feeling snarky) and I’ve got of great content planned for you in the form of blog articles, email newsletters and products that blow the lid off of how I make a living online.

Looking forward to having you as a Write Your Revolution reader and to helping you launch and profit from your own career as a web content writer!