Updated January 11, 2019: The Work Online Blog was removed from this post.

As a freelance writer, you may not be able to write in every niche. Perhaps you don’t have experience in travel writing or you don’t have any technological expertise.

But there’s one niche you already have experience in – writing! Below are 10 places that will pay you to write about writing – something you definitely know about.

Writers Weekly

  • http://writersweekly.com
  • Write “articles on how to make more money doing what you love….writing!”
  • Topics of interest include corporate writing, unique book marketing, and writing for specific genres
  • Feature article (600 words, $60) or Freelance Success Story (400 words, $40)
  • Submit a query through the contact form following these guidelines

Craft Your Content

  • https://www.craftyourcontent.com
  • Write a guest post for CYC that “help our clients become excellent writers, and help them do so while retaining their unique voice and vision.”
  • Topics of interest include Business Ideas, Word Nerdery and Grammar Greekery
  • $50 – $150 per article
  • Submit your article through this form following these guidelines

The Freelance Dance

  • http://dancefreelance.com
  • Write a personal story guest post that will help other freelancers find their own success with practical and actionable advice
  • Apx 800 – 1000 words
  • $50 per post
  • Submit your pitch to cru3.santana.writes@gmail.com following these guidelines

Freedom With Writing

  • http://www.freedomwithwriting.com
  • Write an article that helps writers get paid for their writing
  • List articles (featuring 7-50 publishers that pay writers), how-to articles/essays/case studies (with real world examples and amounts earned), or eBooks (10,000 words)
  • $30 – $100 for list articles; $30 – $150 for how-to articles/essays/case studies; $500+ for eBooks
  • Send a query to submissions@freedomwithwriting.com following these guidelines

Make A Living Writing

WOW! Women On Writing

The Barefoot Writer

  • http://www.thebarefootwriter.com
  • Write a post for Barefoot Writer Magazine, “committed to helping you learn to make money, work from home, and land freelance writing jobs to achieve your dream writer’s life.”
  • Article categoriess include Monthly Motivator, Cool Tools and Become a Better Writer
  • Articles range from 400 – 900 words
  • $100 – $300 per post
  • Send your article ideas to queries@thebarefootwriter.com following these guidelines

Write Naked

  • https://writenaked.net
  • Write a guest blog post for Write Naked, “a writing life cut open”
  • Sections accepting posts include Interviews, Publishing Trends and Behind The Pen
  • 450 – 650 words
  • $50 – $200 per post
  • Send your query to info@taralynnegroth.com following these guidelines

Funds for Writers

Did we miss one? If you know of another place that pays writers to write about writing, post about it in the comments below: