Updated January 11, 2019: Travelista.club has been removed from this list.

Eating a fresh croissant in Paris, bungee jumping in Auckland or sailing through a floating market in Vietnam. If you can’t do those things, you can at least write about them, right? Or better yet, do them and then get paid to write about them.

Below are 10 publications that will pay you to write all about travel. And they don’t even care if you send in your articles from the beach – in fact, they probably prefer it.

Fund Your Life Overseas/Incomes Abroad

  • https://internationalliving.com
  • Submit a story about opportunities to earn money all around the world through earn-from-anywhere income streams or niches expats fill abroad
  • $75 if your story is used in the Fund Your Life Overseas e-letter; $400 if your story is used in Incomes Abroad
  • Email your story idea to Managing Editor Paul O’Sullivan at fundyourlife@internationalliving.com



  • http://www.bootsnall.com
  • Submit articles on travel that align with the Indie Travel Manifesto
  • Various writing opportunities available; note that only the Feature Articles Program pays
  • 1200-200 words
  • $50 per article
  • Pitch your article through the online form following these guidelines for the Feature Articles Program

International Living Magazine

Transitions Abroad

  • http://www.transitionsabroad.com
  • Submit articles that align with Transitions Abroad’s “aim to create inspirational yet practical planning guides for cultural immersion travel, work, study, living, volunteering abroad and much more”
  • Specific guidelines and topics under sections Cultural Travel, Travel Writing, Working Traveler, Living Abroad and Student Travel
  • $50-150 per article of 1500-2000 words with 2-4 photos; regular contributors can negotiate a different rate
  • Submit documents to webeditorial@transitionsabroad.com following these guidelines

Great Escape Publishing – The Right Way to Travel

  • http://www.thetravelwriterslife.com
  • Submit articles on the craft and business of getting paid to travel
  • 300-600 words
  • $50-75 for articles they have requested; $100-150 for interviews and personal stories; $150-200 for articles with specific income advice readers can follow
  • Get in touch via their online form following these guidelines


  • https://www.expatica.com
  • Submit an article for Expatica, news and information for English-speaking expatriates in Europe
  • 500-1000 words
  • Pay must be negotiated with the editor; advised to do so before submitting a completed draft
  • Submit article or ideas to editorial@expatica.com or through their online form following these guidelines

Big Grey Horse

  • http://biggreyhorse.com
  • Texan writers can submit destination guides and writing “all the things that make Texas the great state that it is”
  • 600-1000 words, photos required
  • $125-200 per article
  • Submit your pitch and two relevant published pieces to laura@biggreyhorse.com

Wanderlust Travel Magazine

  • https://www.wanderlust.co.uk
  • Submit writing for Wanderlust, with an aim “to cover all aspects of independent, semi-independent and special-interest travel” including off the beaten track destinations and local culture
  • Rarely publish freelance travel features but are interested in blogs, inspirational round-ups, guides and advice pieces
  • £220 per 1,000 published words
  • Submit your proposal to submissions@wanderlust.co.uk following these guidelines

Got another tip on a travel site that pays you to write? Leave a note in the comments below with your suggestion: